Marquette for comedy

Our pal Brynne Ramella, who wrote a series of blogs for Milwaukee Comedy last spring about an upstart comedy troupe at Marquette University, now is blogging about a two-man improv team in the works. T... Read More

At last, free

By Brynne Ramella On Monday, Connor Welch and Lexi Bueno were on the stage at Marquette University’s Straz Theater. Lexi looked out into the sea of chairs in the audience and announced, “This is r... Read More

Crunch time

By Brynne Ramella  Scripts scattered on the Humphrey Hall auditorium stage. Chairs strategically arranged in the front of the room. A dog suit is draped over a seat. Bill Lacy seems a little more... Read More

Late arrival

By Brynne Ramella    Although 33rd& State formed at Marquette University back in November, Jon Neidorf did not go to a meeting of the sketch comedy troupe until late January. He found o... Read More