Marquette for comedy

Our pal Brynne Ramella, who wrote a series of blogs for Milwaukee Comedy last spring about an upstart comedy troupe at Marquette University, now is blogging about a two-man improv team in the works. The two Marquette guys are Chris O’Reilly and Spencer Rose, formerly of Marquette’s 33rd & State sketch group and Studio 013 Refugees […]

And now about Spencer Rose

By Brynne Ramella Even days after 33rd& State’s debut show ended it’s still hard to believe it’s all over. I constantly wondered how the show would turn out. As the show drew nearer, the group became noticeably more nervous. I was nervous for them, too. They were deserving of a big crowd, but I was […]

At last, free

By Brynne Ramella On Monday, Connor Welch and Lexi Bueno were on the stage at Marquette University’s Straz Theater. Lexi looked out into the sea of chairs in the audience and announced, “This is really cool.” Connor played around with a baseball bat he found backstage. Bill Lacy was doing an interview with the school […]

Final countdown

By Brynne Ramella With one week until show time, nerves are starting to catch up with 33rd & State. Rehearsals for the debut show of the new sketch comedy troupe are in full swing, and the group will be practicing at least two hours every night this upcoming week at Marquette University’s Straz Theater, which is […]

Crunch time

By Brynne Ramella  Scripts scattered on the Humphrey Hall auditorium stage. Chairs strategically arranged in the front of the room. A dog suit is draped over a seat. Bill Lacy seems a little more stressed than usual. This can only mean one thing – rehearsals. 33rd & State’s debut sketch comedy show is fast approaching: […]

Late arrival

By Brynne Ramella    Although 33rd& State formed at Marquette University back in November, Jon Neidorf did not go to a meeting of the sketch comedy troupe until late January. He found out about the group when his classmate, Lexi Bueno, posted a video on Facebook. “It was funny because the day before, I texted […]

They are Marquette

By Brynne Ramella Ever since Marquette’s new sketch comedy troupe, 33rd& State, has been on Twitter, I have noticed their interaction with The Naturals, the campus’s premier male a cappella group. Their banter has spanned from compliments on each other’s videos, requests for The Naturals’ bow ties and tweeting an embarrassing picture of a member […]

Girls just want to have funny

By Brynne Ramella Looking through my posts for this series, I had a realization: Nowhere, in any of my five previous posts, did I quote or even mention any of the four female members of 33rd& State, the new sketch comedy group at Marquette University. Obviously, that had to change. I researched the subject and […]

Klaus Does Milwaukee

By Brynne Ramella  “Un second,” Spencer Rosemuttered in a German accent, as he attached a mustache to his face that would make Ron Swanson proud. “Wait!” he paused, returning to his American accent. “Is that how you say ‘one second’ in German?” Spencer was preparing to play Klaus, the latest character from 33rd & State, […]

Hush, my darling. Don’t fear, my darling.

By Brynne Ramella The first hint that I’ve been hanging around this group too long? One of them tries to get me to leave before the interview starts. “No sick people allowed!” Bill Lacy shouted, as I walked into the dimly-lit Humphrey Hall auditorium, announcing my presence with a cough that belongs in the film, […]